• benefits of babybeats

    "Happiness is created between baby and parent as babies express their joy, and parents' warm reactions generate a loving glow."

    Mum and BabyBeats class

    BabyBeats™ Before Birth

    Exercises to support you and your growing baby.

    • We encourage movement that supports your changing body.
    • We motivate mothers to move  in a way that is natural to them, enjoyable and aids every stage of their baby's development. 
    • Equipment such as bands, balls, blocks and pilates balls are used to stabilise and gently tone.
    •  Our unique relaxation and breathing sequences can help develop a deep sense of calm and provides the tools in preparation for birth. 
    •  BabyBeats™ Before Birth  can improve body and mind awareness, help pelvic stability, core strength and pelvic floor. 
    •  We use a blend of movement combinations to stimulate circulatory and nervous systems.
    Mum Fitness

    BabyBeats™ and BabyBeats™ Plus

    Exercises for Baby are aimed at supporting each baby's natural development. Exercises for Mums are aimed at strengthening and supporting the post-natal body.

    • As qualified Health and Fitness teachers, midwives, personal trainers and health visitors we make sure that each exercise is appropriate and safe for new mums. 
    • Exercising whilst having a baby can be tricky with childcare, sleep deprivation, lack of time and all those other things you need to do!
    • BabyBeats will help mothers and their baby to enjoy moving together. 
    • We focus on pelvic stability, core strength and re-aligning muscles post pregnancy. 
    • BabyBeats incorporates Yoga poses, Pilates core strength exercises, gentle squats and many more. 
    • No pre-exercise experience is required just the willingness to get involved, all these exercises support a mothers fitness after pregnancy and birth.
    Baby Massage

    Mindful Movers™ Toddler

    Mastering New Skills whilst enhancing and supporting your loving bond

    • Let your toddler explore their senses with our Toddler class
    • We use a wide variety of equipment to stimulate gross and fine Motor Skills
    • Gain confidence and meet new friends 
    • Travelling exercises to increase cardiac health and fun
    • Yoga Poses to aid concentration, balance and body awareness
    • Partner and Team work for you and your child to enjoy working together
    Toddler Yoga

    Mindful Movers™ EYFS and KS1

    Mastering new skills whilst enhancing and supporting your loving bond

    • Let your school, nursery or early year setting go the extra mile to help your children explore their senses with our Mindful Movers™ class
    • We use a wide variety of equipment to stimulate gross and fine Motor Skills
    • Gain confidence and meet new friends 
    • Travelling exercises to increase cardiac health and fun
    • Yoga Poses to aid concentration, balance and body awareness
    • Partner and Team work for  your child to enjoy working together
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    July 13, 2020 · postnatal hair,postnatal hair care,hair loss,BabyBeats Mums,Mum and Baby Classes
    ‘Postpartum effluvium’ or ‘Telogen effluvium’ (to give its fancy title!) is basically what we ladies know as hair loss after child birth. Most women will tend to notice that their hair loss is localised to the area around the front hair line - which can appear sparse and generally thinner in...
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    I thought long and hard about what to put in this blog... what do we as new mums really want to read about? For some, it is as simple as what we should be eating and what we shouldn't (if anything), and weight issues. I have done some training in nutrition while doing my fitness qualifications...
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    "I went to my first class with my almost 4 month old, Oscar. We had a great time. I found it hard to understand what Babybeats was completely before actually going to a class. The best way to explain it is a very very baby friendly exercise class for post-natal fitness and core strength, with some baby yoga, baby massage, baby sensory, nursery rhymes thrown in to help entertain baby. There are no dangerous baby wearing things to worry about (this is a massive worry to me, even though I am a regular babywearer). Baby is either on mats or in your arms as part of the exercise. You exercise WITH baby together. This is quite unique to Babybeats. I loved this bonding time with my baby and we both enjoyed it. We had time to look into Each other’s eyes, smile, laugh, kiss, touch, and sing. I would highly recommend if you are looking for a post-natal fitness class where your baby is not just welcome, but an important part of the class. My legs are aching and I feel fantastic! I know that I will build strength and muscle and tone my core in this class whilst building my bond and love with my baby."

    Natalie Hicks attended Charlotte BabyBeats, Chorley

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