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    BabyBeats Special Dad/Partner Class

    BabyBeats Special Dad/Partner Class

    From post 6 week check - fast crawling

    Not the usual parent to bring baby to BabyBeats? A special class for Dads, Partners or Mums who just love BabyBeats.

    On this Bank Holiday special enjoy a class with your little one while your partner relaxes in the cafe or spa with 20% off their lunch and drink!

    Monday 27th May

    11.30am at Nuffield Health Wakefield, class includes a FREE family swim! (Must be pre booked the day before through Nuffield reception)

    We also have DAD MATTERS available in the Cafe to speak to parents about any concerns and any therapy they feel would benefit them.

    Nuffield offer free parking - please ensure you submit your vehicle REG NO. on arrival of EACH visit.
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    Mindful Movers Children's Book

    Mindful Movers Children's Book

    Enjoy yoga with your children with our fun guide on first steps to yoga!
    Coming soon
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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

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    So, you've welcomed your little bundle of joy into the world, and now you're itching to get back into your pre-baby fitness routine, am I right? Trust me, I've been there... three times in fact! But before you lace up those trainers, let's talk about when it's safe to start exercising after...
    Visualise yourself a decade into the future. Are you content with the life you lead? Are you fulfilled in your work? These questions aren't mere daydreams for the distant future; they are pivotal questions that can shape the course of your life. In this blog, we explore the significance of...
    January 25, 2024 · mum and baby class,franchise,new franchise,baby franchise,fitness franchise
    Can you see it on our faces? In our world of supporting and empowering new mothers, there's an indescribable joy that radiates from those who are truly passionate about BabyBeats. It's a joy that goes beyond the curriculum and class structure—it's something you can see on our faces. I want to...
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    We offer a range of classes from parent and baby, pregnancy, parent and toddler, early years & in education as well as adult classes.

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    BabyBeats and BabyBeats Plus

    From 6 week check to crawling
    • BabyBeats is a specialised programme designed to cater to the unique needs of new parents and their babies.
    • Exercises for Baby are aimed at supporting each baby's natural development. Exercises for Mums are aimed at strengthening and supporting the post-natal body.
    • This comprehensive and supportive class offers a nurturing environment where parents can bond with their babies while also enjoying baby yoga, massage, sensory play and postpartum exercises to aid recovery.
    • The class is led by certified professionals with expertise in pre and post natal exercise and BabyBeats accredited training programme ensuring a safe and enriching experience for all participants.
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    BabyBeats Before Birth

    From Conception to Birth
    • BabyBeats Before Birth is a specialised programme designed to support expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy journey.
    • This class offers safe and gentle exercises tailored to the unique needs and physical changes that occur during pregnancy.
    • Led by certified prenatal fitness teachers, the programme aims to promote maternal well-being, maintain a healthy level of fitness, and prepare women for childbirth and postpartum recovery.
    • The class creates a supportive and nurturing environment where pregnant women can connect with others and engage in exercises that are both beneficial and comfortable.
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    Mindful Movers

    Toddler and Parent classes as well as children's class from 3 -12 years
    • Mindful Movers is a specially designed programme that combines the principles of yoga with mindfulness and emotional well-being techniques to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle for toddlers and children.
    • This engaging and interactive class aims to introduce children to the benefits of yoga, breathing exercises, sensory play and relaxation techniques, while also fostering their emotional intelligence and promoting overall well-being.
    • Led by experienced teachers who understand the unique needs of children, this class provides a safe and nurturing space for all children to explore and develop their physical, mental, and emotional capabilities.
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    Functional Foundations

    Suitable for adults
    • Functional Foundations is a specialised fitness programme designed to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and overall functional fitness in a gentle and low-impact class.
    • We focus on exercises that mimic daily movements and activities, enhancing participants' ability to perform everyday tasks with ease and reducing the risk of injury.
    • Led by experienced teachers, the class caters to individuals of all ages and fitness levels, making it suitable for seniors, beginners, and those recovering from injuries or medical conditions.
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    "I went to my first class with my almost 4 month old, Oscar. We had a great time. I found it hard to understand what Babybeats was completely before actually going to a class. The best way to explain it is a very very baby friendly exercise class for post-natal fitness and core strength, with some baby yoga, baby massage, baby sensory, nursery rhymes thrown in to help entertain baby. There are no dangerous baby wearing things to worry about (this is a massive worry to me, even though I am a regular babywearer). Baby is either on mats or in your arms as part of the exercise. You exercise WITH baby together. This is quite unique to Babybeats. I loved this bonding time with my baby and we both enjoyed it. We had time to look into Each other’s eyes, smile, laugh, kiss, touch, and sing. I would highly recommend if you are looking for a post-natal fitness class where your baby is not just welcome, but an important part of the class. My legs are aching and I feel fantastic! I know that I will build strength and muscle and tone my core in this class whilst building my bond and love with my baby."


    Natalie Hicks attended Charlotte BabyBeats, Chorley

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    Award Winning Classes

    All our teachers are qualified with a minimum Level 2 and Level 3 fitness qualification as well as our own endorsed in house training programme.

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