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Head up and reach down...

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Lift your head high and reach down to that person who needs it...

Have you ever been the target of someone elses negativity...? Let's face it we all have at some point. Everyone has a bad day and sometimes it's unintentional but what about the energy it takes to be personally negative or disruptive to someone elses life?

Living in a close knit village not much goes unnoticed and I am often happy to help local businesses with set up advice, social media guidance and so forth... and why not? But by doing so I have heard recently the lengths 'competitive' (and I use that word lightly... I'll explain why further down) businesses will go to undercut and out do each other....


I honestly don't have the energy for that, I have 3 children, a dog, a cat, a half built house and a business I love with all my heart and soul!


I sat with a lady who has just started her business and she asked me what she can do to counter play her 'competitor'...


It must be so draining to constantly be pulling others apart and trying to out do the competition... and the only reason I can reasonably see for it is the fight or flight instict. When we feel threatened we fight against it. Personally if I have intimidated another company I take that as a sign that my business is doing well and others are worried by what I am doing. But I don't want to work against anyone.

Business relationships aren't always smooth rolling but my advice is to surround yourself with people who lift you up.... people who help us create good habits and push forward to see positivity.

And how do you do that? Don't see anyone as a competitor... what is your UNIQUE SELLING POINT (USP) ?

What do you have that they don't?

Once you see that, you see they aren't competing against you at all because you have something different to offer there's no need for the fight or flight

Keep your head up... never rise to it... be the person to lift others up... find your USP!

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