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A boat is safest in the Harbour...

but that's not the purpose of a boat!

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How much pressure do you put on yourself to do things 'right' ?... I know I do!

Who puts that pressure on you? Sit and think for a moment... 

Are there external factors? Work? Family? Friends? Life expectations... or is it just you?

What about if there is no right way...? What about if it's just your way, because surely you're the author of your own novel and no one can tell you how to write it!

OK OK I hear you, there are external factors... mortages, bills, schedules, laws etc etc ( don't go doing anything illegal on my count)... but how much of life needs to be run in the conventional way?

Why not forge your own destiny and create something real, something you love, something you're passionate about and proud of? Have you ever listened to other people's stories in awe and wish you had a slice of it?

5 years ago I met the 2 most amazing people (I won't name them because they'll get big heads!). They told me the story of how they had got to where they were. Re mortgaging to finance a business dream, sleeping in a warehouse to complete orders, growing to be successful and comfortable in life. Don't get me wrong, they had stress, but they have huge pride in their work and they inspired me no end!

At this time BabyBeats was only an idea I was developing and it made me realise we can put can barriers up to every question but if you think outside the box every barrier has an answer.

I love the analogy 'A boat is safer in the harbour, but that's not the purpose of a boat.' What is the purpose of our working lives? To work hard to line someone elses pockets? Or work hard and achieve something great, deliver something we are passionate about and love, be our own bosses and take control of our own destiny....

And do things the way we want in the way we see 'right'.



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