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Being an Ambitious Woman

exhausted? overwhelmed? stress and under paid?

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Have it all, they said: career, kids and a white picket fence. Oops... turns out you just do it all! Especially with a band of children clinging off your arms. 

Being ambitious and wanting to work wasn't meant to condemn me to a life of exhaustion, overwhelm and stress.

I wasn't meant to be the one feeling stuck in my job, overworked and underpaid yet knowing I'm capable of so much more.

How do you build a successful career AND have a happy family? Most people say you must choose between work and your children, or just expect to burn out trying. 

I fully believe there is another option...

I recently got featured in The New York City Journal for this very reason... (you can read the article below) 

As ambitious women we  are able to create a life where we play big at work, find more time and earn more money.

We are  confident, have solid boundaries in place and enjoy some guilt-free time off.

I want you to have a home life that's balanced, yes there will still be arguments and tantrums but being able to cope better with situations because the stress levels aren't sky rocketed is key. 

Isn't it time you discovered an alternative that is bringing better balance to other ambitious women like you? 

This isn't a get rich quick thing either, this is a work hard at something you believe in and the rewards are tenfold. Not everyone is cut out to work for themselves but if you have drive, ambition and dedication to succeed with a troop of women backing you up and giving you the tools you need, this could be the start of an amazing journey for you. 

Rose Gibson

BabyBeats Founder and Creator

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