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Mindfulness in Children

Post lockdown we will need to mentally prepare our children for returning to school

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"Children need to be seen as individuals and their reactions to this situation are as real and important as any adults. Their future relies on adults getting this right!"

Sian Pearson @storyprops

We have come to the time where restrictions throughout the UK are being lowered. Pubs and restaurants are re opening, so those of us with children home who haven't managed to return to school are eagerly awaiting the news of whether September will be the time all children are allowed back.

My constant question is how has this affected the children who have had a prolonged absence from school? Equally, the children of Key Workers who have been present in an adapted version of school... you can read my previous blog on how I feel children adapt here.

So what about the return to school... what can we as parents and schools do to prepare children for being back in the classroom? Some of these children have greatly been affected by Covid-19, not seeing or losing relatives and some being poorly themselves. Others have had 6 months away from school and friends, having to entertain themselves while parents try and work.

We have no idea how, or if this lockdown and virus will affect our children. For the children who are affected, concentrating on their emotional wellbeing must be a prioriety over any kind of 'catch-up' classes. We cannot expect our children to learn effectively if their personal or emotional wellbeing is hampered. Schools could be getting extra budget to help with the return of students to school, PPA cover (planning, preparation and assessment) this is vital in covering classes when teachers are planning and not in school.

Mindfulness classes such as our Mindful Movers which include games, yoga exercises, team work, communication challenges as well as stimulating fine and gross motor skills could be the answer. Is there a better way to bring a classroom back together than moving together?

We promote a gentle and accepting attitude towards the present moment, we also aim to develop compassion, focus, curiosity and empathy in a fun and stimulating environment. We want to relieve the stress and anxiety of being back in school, help children accept the emotions they maybe feeling and have fun!!!

We want all children to be in a safe environment where however children are feeling is embraced. We want to give children the strategies and acceptance to deal with those emotions themselves, helping to build a future resilience.

Huge Thank You to Sian Pearson @storyprops for her discussion and input on the topic!

We are in need of dedicated and passionate teachers to meet the demand within schools and communities across the UK. If you think teaching Mindful Movers or any of our other classes could be a pathway for you please take a look at our Franchise opportunities.

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