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I Love MY Babylicious Body!!!

Why we are promoting your Baby Body and why it is SO important!

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BabyBeats post-natal

We have a week of amazing Podcast, Vlogs, Blogs, Pictures, Discussions and Guest Speakers in BabyBeats 'I LOVE MY BABYLICIOUS BODY' campaign. (13th-17th July 2020)

Why is this so important?

Well I am fed up.... actually more than fed up of seeing US.... WOMEN.... having the media, companies, the health and fitness sector, food brands and sanitary products targeting Post-Natal women and pressuring us to "lose the baby bulge" (Yes that was the slogan that tipped me over the edge!) or return to our 'Pre baby body'!

Is the 'pre baby body' something that's actually what we strive for or has our body simply changed during pregnancy? Meaning we need to treat it differently. Giving ourselves (and our baby) some time to adjust.

I understand though... I have been there 3 times. You get home and you're less than comfy and you look at your body and it is not the same, even women who don't gain much weight and seem to bounce back... your body changes, it has to. We need to begin by looking at our body as the amazing machine it is, it not only stores all necessary ingredients for making your new scrumptious little pudding (obviously minus the male input) but we manage to grow hair, skin, teeth, body parts... a brain... a heart. We are brilliant!

This doesn't make looking at yourself and what you once were any less harder to take but we can try to understand the changes our body has made and the steps we can take to support our body to make sure we are healthy and fit for our children as they grow, and love our new Post-Baby Body however that is!

In this fantastic week of Postpartum body celebration we are going to go to industry experts, bloggers, mothers and yourselves... we will explore why our body changes and how we can embrace and support that change.

We are exploring and have some great guests these include...

  • Hair changes 
  • Skin changes 
  • Pregnancy Weight gain 
  • Diastasis Recti 
  • Prolapse 
  • Post C - Section
  • Pelvic Floor 
  • Postpartum Nutrition
  • Stretch Marks 
  • Breast Changes 
  • Getting the right fit NURSING bra 
  • Pregnancy related SPD and recovery
  • The Vagina

We would love to have your input and hear of your experiences and to celebrate OUR BABYLICIOUS BODIES!

Join us 13th-17th July for all this on our social sites!

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