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Why are only 1 in 3 business owners women?

As it was recently International Women’s Day, I had the opportunity to look through some interesting facts and figures around women in business and the gender pay gap that - believe it or not - still exists in so many public and private corporations.  


This got me thinking…Why? 


There is no actual difference in ability? That’s a scientific fact! 


But research from the Office of National Statistics has shown the gender pay gap among employees working full or part time was still 15.5% in 2020, down from 17.4% in 2019 – that’s still too high! Getting paid 15.5% less because you’re female! 


So why are we, as women, not taking control of our own wages? 


Statistics reveal that only 39% of women feel confident in their capabilities to start a business, compared with 55% of men. This is purely down to societal stereotypes because women owned businesses can create more innovation, more progress and more creativity. Which brings me onto the use of “mumtrepreneurs” and “fempreneurs” the mere existence of these labels concludes that running your own business is seen by society as male dominated. These gender defined terms merely reinforce societal gender based expectations that you should be a mum or a female before you are a business owner therefore undermining the capability of females in business. 


As a female driven business, we want all our business owners to take credit for their own achievements. They can work the hours they choose. Whether that’s around their current job or children. 


Your drive, dedication and passion are not gender specific. Just because you’re a woman, a wife and a mother that doesn’t mean that you can’t be in charge of your own business, work when you want and earn the salary you choose to earn!


Our BabyBeats®️ and Mindful Movers®️ business owners come from diverse backgrounds such as physiotherapy, school teachers, gymnastic coaches, fitness teachers, art gallery owners.  There are also women who have NO experience of running their own businesses.  BabyBeats®️ provides full training and constant support.


With an army of women behind our franchisees supporting them every step of the way, we’re doing this… and we’re doing it successfully. 


Whatever industry you’re looking at working in, we know that women owned businesses succeed…we need to stop the stereotype and believe in our own capabilities.


Written by Rose Gibson

BabyBeats Director & Founder


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