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Seas the day...

When a 9 year old on a mission to save the planet can inspire us all...

I realise seize the day is spelt wrong... but this title and slogan comes from my 9 year old daughter who wants to combat climate change and is whirlwind ambassador for the Earth.

This all started after we ran a Bake Sale for WWF charity (as it’s my daughters favourite), she adopts the animals and loves to hear about the work they do. The first year she raised £495 and the year before last year she raised £780... She then started thinking of ways money could be raised that were in line with Covid restrictions.

As a fashion conscientious 9 year old who has better clothes and shoes than me, she started designing and making Barbie clothes, which she is really good at. Then she wanted to raise money and make some pocket money too so she could buy herself the latest Hype backpack.

Rather than wallow in self-doubt she decided to go searching the web... the place you can make anything happen! There it was, a program that allowed her to design, print and distribute her own designs... there was no doubt to her that these wouldn't sell, these were her designs and she wanted my help to set this up! So yes I helped her... who can resist a 9 year old on a mission? I helped her set up the site and we talked brand names and style and logos... then we spoke about Brand Ethos.

This was really important to her, she wanted to only use sustainable or recycled material, she wanted to produce garments from a factory that was powered by reusable energy and shipped with recycled materials. What a girl!!!!

Never once did she doubt what she was doing... Never once did she wonder if all this effort would be worth it... Never once did she think she would fail...

Because she had utter faith in what she believed in and she believed in herself!

She is on average reaching 241 people a day and converting 6.4% of leads into sales, she's an inspiration and testimony that self- doubt is something we aren't born with, over time we develop this second guessing nature.

But when we believe strongly enough in what we are doing... our Ethos does the talking.

There is no hard sale..... The same goes for our BabyBeats® teachers. I am not a sales women... I never will be but I don't need to be, BabyBeats® ethos speaks for itself.

If you're passionate, determined and believe in YOURSELF you will succeed... I am guilty of self doubt on many occasions and my journey throughout developing, creating, writing and starting BabyBeats® hasn't always been smooth. Too many times I have made the mistake of believing I need an external company to help me and in reality, more often than not, it comes and bites back at me, when in reality these companies fall short of the mark and what they do is nothing I couldn't have done myself with some self belief!

The road may not always be smooth but having the final destination and your self worth in sight is key!

Here is her site if you want some awesome eco clothes

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