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Parents Running a Franchise

Is this the ideal choice for parents of young children?

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BabyBeats pledges to help parents in business by making our business model affordable and accessible. The juggling act of managing a career and caring for young children is a task that many parents face. For those seeking to strike the right balance between work and family life, running a franchise can be the ideal solution. Franchising offers unique advantages that make it the best decision for individuals wanting to work flexibly around their young children.

Established Business Model - One of the primary benefits of running a franchise is the established business model. Franchise systems come with a blueprint for every day running, this means you don't need to reinvent the wheel; instead, you can rely on the strategies and practices that have already been fine-tuned. The advantage here is that you can often start your business with a lower learning curve, saving you time as you work to balance your family commitments.

Ongoing Support and Training - Franchisors provide comprehensive training and ongoing support, ensuring that franchisees have the skills and knowledge to run the business successfully. This support system is invaluable for parents with young children, as it means you can lean on the expertise of the franchisor and don't have to constantly search for solutions independently. The training and support offered can be tailored to your schedule, making it easier to manage your responsibilities as a parent.

Flexibility in Operations - Franchising often offers flexibility in how you operate your business. The structure and support provided by the franchisor allow you to adapt your work hours to better align with your family's needs. This adaptability is a key advantage for parents, as it allows you to be present for important family moments while still running a successful business.

Work-Life Balance - Perhaps the most compelling reason to choose a franchise when you have young children is the potential for work-life balance. Many franchises can be managed with a reasonable time commitment, which means you can attend school events, doctor's appointments and be there for your children when they need you most. This flexibility is a priceless benefit that traditional careers often struggle to provide.

Build a Legacy - When you run a franchise, you have the opportunity to build a lasting legacy for your family. As your children grow, they can become involved in the family business, learning valuable skills and experiencing the pride of entrepreneurship. This can create a sense of continuity and security for your family's future.


In conclusion, running a franchise is a wise choice for individuals wanting to work flexibly around their young children. The proven business model, ongoing support, flexibility, work-life balance and the potential to build a legacy all make franchising an ideal option for parents. It offers the chance to be a successful entrepreneur while also being there for your family during those precious early years of your children's lives.

With 5 programmes to teach and over 12 ways in which to deliver sessions, BabyBeats and Mindful Movers offer a full spectrum of classes from conception up until children are 12 years old. Working flexibly full, part or term time only, this could be the franchise you’re looking for.