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Navigating Postpartum Body Changes

The untold reality

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The first time I faced my postpartum reflection in the mirror, a flood of emotions overwhelmed me. No one had warned me about this moment, the moment when you look down at your changed body and try to reconcile it with the one you knew before. In the days following the birth of my first baby, I found myself sobbing in the shower, grappling with the reality of my changed body... a body I had once knew so well now looked and felt so differnet.

In the whirlwind of pregnancy, I never paused to contemplate how my body would look post-baby. Naive? Probably. Sure, I expected 'baby weight,' but the actuality of how my bump would appear after childbirth caught me off guard.

Was I supposed to know this? Should someone have prepared me for these changes?

The truth is, our societal focus tends to revolve around the baby – the precious bundle of joy we eagerly await. But what about the mothers? Shouldn't we also receive guidance on what to anticipate regarding our bodies postpartum? Shouldn't midwives and health professionals offer more insight during appointments?

Enter baby number two. This time around, armed with the knowledge of what to expect, I found the journey somewhat easier. The importance of understanding the changes our bodies undergo after giving birth became glaringly evident. It's not just about 'baby weight' – it's about understanding the shifts, both physical and emotional.

Now, with baby number two, I find myself facing stretch marks, a new addition to my postpartum canvas. While some may dismiss this concern as vain, for me, it's a challenging process of acquainting myself with a body that has always been toned and athletic.

Enter BabyBeats classes – a sanctuary in my postpartum recovery. These sessions offer more than just physical exercise for me; they provide an opportunity for me to reconnect with my body. The focus on core and pelvic floor muscle strengthening has become an integral part of my journey towards self-acceptance.

In sharing my experience, I hope to shed light on the often overlooked aspect of postpartum recovery – the journey of rediscovering our bodies. It's time we acknowledge and embrace the changes, understanding that it's not just about bouncing back but about moving forward with self-love and resilience.


Erin Wattam - BabyBeats Wakefield Business Owner


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